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In the Gamedecverse, the media is in the hands of corporations, and corporations don't want the public to know what they're really doing. And what do they do? When a former country, let's say Chile, wants to get a little autonomy in the FSA, immediately the jackals from the secret service appear and pacify the provocateurs. What happens in the news? The world gets the message that a dozen "terrorists" were neutralized.

When a company begins to advance dangerously, masked "terrorists" attack its factories and destroy them.

When engineers discover large deposits of precious minerals in some districts of some country, they will show up to install their man as mayor of the district. No matter where the corporation that wants to get its hands on them is headquartered. If there is trouble with other corporations, there will be "armed gang fights."

Media Coverage[]

The general rule is that when inter-corporate fighting occurs, the media talk about ethnic conflicts, liberation movements, separatist movements. They cover everything to maintain the illusion of states and their intra-state troubles. In fact, states exist so that there are different currencies, financial markets and so that you can still have financial instruments. If it weren't for that, there would probably have been a single state for a long time, over which corporations would extend their tentacles as they fight for power.

Armed conflicts go on all the time, but they are called "interventions", "missions", "reconnaissances", "negotiations", etc. The soldiers serving in FE are most often sent to Africa, less often to South America. They rarely guess that diamond, uranium, gold, or copper deposits are really involved. However, if they glanced at the mineral maps, they should guess.