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Aurocar concept art.jpg
Concept art of an aurocar

Aurocars are a means of transport in the lowest parts of polis, where piloting pneumobiles is prohibited, and Public Transport Tubes have no tracks. It is the oldest way of moving from A to B, in fact the first public transport in every polis in Gamedecverse. They have strong lights as in Low Cities it is always dark. Some old people say, you had to buy tickets in special machines to use aurocars. Those times are gone now. But the vehicle still work.


In Warsaw City, there are several ways to move from point A to point B, and they do not depend solely on your whim. Pneumobile does not fly in the lower layers of the city (because of the urban density), while Aurocars do not appear in the higher parts of cities. These air buses are associated only with the lowest parts of the city. They travel through mazes of tangled sidewalks and tower brackets, always with the lights on, taking residents from one dark part of the city to another.

Aurocar station concept art.jpg
An aurocar station, where cars stop to load and unload passengers

Aurocar's stops usually work flawlessly. Always supported by an anti-g unit, often well lit. In Low City, there are sudden air turbulences, which is why they are covered. It happens that someone tries to buy a ticket (very old residents), forgetting that such operations take place digitally and without conscious intervention of the user.

The Aurocars symbol was designed by Sebastian Brzuszczak, a graphic artist who saw Warsaw, his hometown, being destroyed, and Warsaw City towers being erected on its ruins. He decided to include a few messages in this sign: first of all, to give Warsaw citizens a taste of the past. The logo is associated with classic, ground-based means of transport, which have been forgotten during the process of construction.

The association with a friendly face was supposed to give comfort to people. The times when the city was created were full of injustice and despair. However, some see the symbol of aurocars as the symbol of the evil spirit of modern times, which, like a fate, destroyed the old order of the world.

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