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Logging into Harvest Time, you can look for your contractor - a guy named Stanley. Handy Joe suggest checking out notice boards and offers general information about the location. This is the first thing to do after receiving the contract.

Notice boards[]

The first notice board is located right next to the spot you'll land on in the game. There is a clue there, confirming the need to follow the notes written on different boards, the following one should be located by the bank, which stands just a few steps ahead and to the right from the village entrance. If you continue walking this way, you'll find another notice board as there are rather plenty of them in the town. Alternatively, you can start by going to the left from the entrance to learn pretty much the same message - for example, the board located by the cow pen encourages you to climb a ladder for a reason yet unknown, while other ones less directly suggest climbing and jumping. Another option is jumping into a well.


There is a ladder next to the stairs and a pile of barrels behind it. Head up to get on the roof. You can talk to Professor Locke when you do so and watch the lack of birds with him. There will be a plank on the top and you can decide wheter to jump or not.


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