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This is the continuation from case's Intro.


When the player arrives, they will be greeted by Alfred, Haggiss's butler. He will inform player, that Geoffrey is awaiting them.

Before talking to Haggis, the player can interact with computer and painting. Doing so however, will make Haggis angry, as the player will be late.

Geoffrey Haggis[]

The player will be introduced to this case's basics. Geoffrey's son, Fredo is playing for 4 days straight and doesn't wake up. The player needs to come up with a way to help Fredo.

To do so, the player can interact with several things. The options include:

  • Talking to Timmy
  • Examining the devitalised woman
  • Searching through Haggis's computer
  • and several others


The case continues when the player makes deduction choice: How to help Fredo?.