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This is the converation with Herman Tick, after the player decided to seek the Trolls and then successfully summoned them using the Old Aggregate.

This dialogue can have different outcomes, depending on the way Herman was summoned.

If the Player solved the Tick's Riddle...[]

Herman will be friendly to the player stating that he has "eyes everywhere". He will tell the player that Fredo is in the Theater and will provide the player with the key to open it.

If the Player used Mr. Unicorn's way...[]

Herman will be willing to help the player, but not before a few pranks. Tick will insist on player doing his fetchquests.

This will include a few pointless interaction with the red automobile, found near the south-eastern end of the main street. In the end, when the player appreciates Herman's nice trolling, Tick will help the player. Herman will reveal that Fredo is in the Theater. Moreover Herman will instruct the player to use secret elevator in the back alley.