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This investigation path occurs after player deducts that Fredo visited the alley at the southern part of the level after logging in.

The Alley[]

The alley seems empty at first, but closer investigation may uncover some details. There is a blood stain in the middle of the alley, accompanied by a glitch. The player may also find hidden developer stack. There is also a landmine hidden in a dumpster, which can be used to repeatedly kill player.

Developer Stack and Glitched Admin[]

Finding the developer stack will allow the player to uncover Glitched Admin. To help her, the player will need to interact with nearby glitch and then correctly select related glitches, without touching oter glitches. This will prompt the Admin to materialise and talk to the player.

If the player set the Eleonora free, she may help player with the developer stack.


After conducting investigation here, and possibly finishing other questes, the player will need to make a deduction choice to proceed with the case. The question is Who may know what happened to the boy?