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Old Yet's avatar from promotional art

Old Yet is one of the characters in Gamedec.


Old Yet was a contract soldier in the Thunder PMC (Private Military Company). He fought in the jungle of Belize along with Herman Tick. During the fighting, he lost his hand and then consciousness. Yet did not regenerate his arm, but, according to the soldier's tradition, equipped himself with the original military prosthesis of Soldier's Things.

Old Yet is the informal leader of the Sleeves. After his military service, he got a small pension and a broken robot, Rick. He fixed the robot, complaining that they were both considered broken by the army and thrown away. He bought an old striptease joint and turned it into a bar. He allows Trolls to hang out there and use couches to browse the Net because they pay, but he’s not a fan of that faction. He used to be friends with Cam Grozny but recently stopped trusting her. His only living passion is gravitational ball and the Barcelona Breakers team. Stoic calmly, he sells the "cheap gamepill" to the players.  

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