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Servobot commercial[]

You have your tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks – you have everything.
You most likely have a kitchenmat (who doesn’t?), which knows how to make all kinds of food and drinks. But will a kitchenmat follow you when you need some company, or when you want to contemplate for a moment looking out the window? Will it be with you when you're working hard at your computer in the cold? No. The kitchenmat is immobile.
The servobot is not.
The servobot is beautiful.
The servobot will go anywhere a kitchenmat can't. Like a loyal dog, the servobot will accompany you when you want to have a drink while looking at your city, will make you some hot tea when you're working late at night, remember your favorite flavor combinations, and the temperature (both high and low). The servobot will learn your preferences, and you will love it.
Even more so, because this wonderful piece of decorative furniture comes with a discount for all beverages purchased from Servshake!
Do you like Tiffany's Earl Grey? We've got it – and for 30% less than other retailers!
Do you like Jack Daniels? Of course you do, who doesn't? When you purchase a servobot, you will be able to get it from us for 20% less than other stores. And believe us, no one can make a JD like our serv!
So what are you waiting for? Our servobot has already chosen you. It wants to be yours.

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