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== Notes and references ==
== Notes and references ==
=== '''Notes''' ===
=== Notes ===
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<references group="N"/>
=== '''References''' ===
=== References ===
<references />
<references />

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Timmy is a character in Gamedec.

Codex entry

Dark Web

Tim Radomsky – school report

Aged 15 years and 10 months, IQ 145, EI 179, diagnosed with emotional hyperactivity.
A young graduate of our school of arts should not turn his education to the path of management (which was established and imposed by his parents), but continue to develop as an artist to find a way to release his inner conflicts in a creative and sublime way.
Recommended grading a half-grade higher than objective, not, as recommended by his parents, "short" and rough treatment. Following our suggestion should produce a mobilizing and motivating effect that supports his unstable self-assessment.
Psychometric data – attachment 1.
Eva Stone, MSc

Gamedec's journal

E-mail from Fredo

My dear friend,
I'm writing this slowly, because I know that you're a slow reader... Good, right?! Okay, don't get upset, I know it pisses you off when I don't answer questions, so I'll answer exactly how you like it – in alphabetical order, haha!
1. I think we'll be safe. It's a game, remember?
2. The old man won't find out, he's too busy being a son of a bitch to check the logs. Besides, he designed the system so that it's discreet as fuck.
Did I give you the right answer just the way you like it, my dear (slow-reading) friend?
Kissing your ass,

Tim's letter to Fredo

I've told you several times to stop pressing me. If we'll still be talking like this, I'm out. Give me some time to think, to figure everything out. When I do, I'll make my decision, okay? Never under pressure.

Tim's second letter to Fredo

I'm not going to tell you that I feel bad because you forgot to bring me the newest BWI helmet, I'll remind you of it just in case you forgot, Golden Thought. And I won't tell you that it's strike three. And I won't tell you that I hate it when someone forgets about promising me something, even if he did make the most amazing photo montage out of my favorite holmiums. I'll never say any of those things.
Just like I'll never stop being your friend.

Notes and references